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What is up, fellow players of poker, it’s me, your favorite thumbnail creator and opinion recycler!

While I was perusing my favorite content, such as Joey’s vlogs, Andrew Tate’s Kitchen, Crypto Erection Weekly, well-timed photographs of tournament athletes, and those amazing articles on vegasonlineslotsworld so I could vote for the GPI awards, I was saddened to see a terrible prank being pulled on a physically challenged gentleman of a certain age who has been crippled by the vagaries of torturous wealth.

What’s even more outrageous is that this gentleman has been an instrumental force in the Strong Adjective Altruism movement and has been known to play aces incredibly convincingly.

Now I’ve always called him out for anything he – or anyone else – has done wrongly. I’m just like that. However, from you, I expect better treatment of him and of everyone else at the top of our industry’s pyramid.

Well, I’m just buzzed we could come together on this, it’s so beneficial to us. Please like better, subscribe better, and do better better, betterer!

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