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…is the year I read poker books again…. what will Applications change?

…is my first year as a handgun owner… will I actually use it when needed?

…is the year I put the screenplay on Blacklist… but is Amazon’s reformed sweatshop the incinerator it belongs in?

…is the year I hit the USTA… how much more abuse can my body take?

…is the year I get back into German and Chinese… do any of my languages serve any purpose?

…is the year I vote against Hillary… but does the head matter while the foundation rots?

…is the year we finish translating La Fete d’Insignifiance… does poker make me less or more like those men?

…is the final year of “Hare Rabbitt’s Poker Club.”  … red faux crocodile, anyone?

…is the year I institute a static range… but is it a step forward?

…is the year I buy a new motorcycle… can I be happy without a shaft drive?

…is the first year my writing group pays for itself… what was the point of that, again?

…is the year I rejoin the neighborhood council… are they still unprincipled NIMBYs?

…is the year I give up guilt in favor of shame… is it too late to matter?

…is the second year of my penultimate decade… will I use it well or not?

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  1. …is the final year of “Hare Rabbitt’s Poker Club.” … red faux crocodile, anyone?
    Noooooooooooooooo! Why?

    Get a shaft drive. Reliable and easy(ish) to maintain. A lot easier than chains of belts.

  2. 1. Table, I should add. Sweet red octogon of poker despair and triumph. ??? How do you know about my game? Anyway, all things have an end and I’m excited about releasing myself from this responsibility. I will admit that doing so conflicts with my belief that home games are the basis of poker, the grassroots, you might say, but someone else needs to shoulder the burden soon. I’ve run the game for dog’s years.

    2. I am afraid I will have trouble finding a travel/long distance appropriate bike without a shaft drive, which I greatly prefer, but maybe there’s some hope in your statement.

    1. 1. Well that is part of the question. My apartment building is a high crime area, with break ins, vandalism, theft on a weekly basis but I am stubborn.

      2. Yes, that and executing better are what keep me interested these days.

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