The Back Room

Welcome to TBR. New members should acquaint themselves starting here.

In June, we’ll be focused on tournament strategy.

A condensed Construction 1 will run this August. The purpose will be to prepare for Bet Sizing and be a review for those who want it.

Bet Sizing is tentatively scheduled for September and October. You must have completed Construction I or studied privately with me to enroll. Access to GTO+ is recommended.

The Easy Game Study Group will again run when interest list reaches mass and/or not later than January 2019.

Global Nights (those announced to the public on RC) take place every other Sunday, 9 pm EST, hosted by Jules. June nights are the 3rd and the 17th, which will be a tournament hosted by Club Moldy. July nights are the 1st, 15th, and 29th.

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The Back Room is a private, curated forum for and by Persuadeo poker students and allies.

Your place in The Back Room is earned through participation.

Your task as a participant: grow The Back Room as an efficient, wise record of poker knowledge.