I Love This Game, Ch. 3

Matton’s financial straits – Money and conscience – Sylvester offers distractionNot long ago, Matton Header had begun composing a list. He wasn’t sure why, at first, and in fact, he wasn’t sure how to even do it. He hadn’t used pen and paper for a while, especially after his computer had[…]

I Love This Game, Ch. 2

Matton plays poker – Late Nite Tony complains – Harvey Bumpback explains Matton Header, round, pale, bespectacled – a kind of tenure track albino pumpkin professor – was thinking. Pondering. Wondering. Pausing. Reflecting. Worrying. Calculating. Hesitating. In other words he was doing what poker players call tanking. Thinking.Deep in the tank.[…]

I Love This Game, Ch. 1

Braunfar in the garden – the family – a photograph – a girl – desire “Smile, Braunfar!”Jaqueline dropped the sixty-four megapixel camera smartphone, the sly gift of an occupied husband, to her side.  For her daughter’s wedding, then affianced Braunfar, still under scrutiny for signs of lingering independence or other dangers[…]