Me Vs. Me

I remember my very first casino experience very well.  Before busting out midway through a $50 daily at TI, I had opened tens from EP and gotten raised.  I was pretty lost on the whole in this environment, as everyone seemed so competent and serious.  I worried about strong players[…]

amis by schoenherr

The Information

I remember and regret my first post on Crush Live Poker.  I was trying to express the desirability of having as much information as possible before making a play, and my intention did not translate well on the screen.  In addition to being exposed as rather absolutist, my point wasn’t even[…]

Home Game

I’ve a run but successful home game for many years.  It is, on the whole, my pleasure to run, but it is more than that.  It’s my belief that private games are the grass roots of poker, and just as I have written about the duty of players in public[…]


I continue my heavy grinding hours with back to back ten hour sessions, but a different Persuadeo shows up to each one.On day one I was at nearly my best.  I pulled off a pretty spectacular three barrel, featuring the ole’ pot sized bet on the river to finally get[…]

Twilight of the Idols

The long, slow downswing, against which, like the cancer it has been, I diagnosed, summarized, and prescribed some low stakes immersion therapy, was in part brought on by a lack of hours of $5 games at the Village. My absence, however, has had other effects besides a deleterious one for[…]

True Grind

I decide there is no time like the present for reinstating my work ethic, and head to the casino on what would have been an off day in the past. I feel great about my decision to abandon 5/10, and optimistic about where this will lead. I’ve been entitled and[…]

Warm Up

Sometimes I feel like I need a tweak to my game, or perhaps a little extra preparation.  Maybe I don’t even know what it is, but with a bigger game to come, I want a little warm up before the real thing.  With the Coven dispersed and my eyes dry[…]

Eight Bluffs

It’s not all about you.  Poker teaches many lessons, and the reasonable players among us learn that one quickly, go crazy all the time, or quit.  At the games last night, the action was so sweet and heavy I conceived of a chip dispenser that could be installed, like an automatic[…]