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Poker Blog Roll, part III

This blog,, is a pokosphere standard. This blogger has earned it, with hundreds of posts apparently approaching an astounding 875k total pageviews. This is the bottom stakes life of Vegas, and if you are a weekend warrior 1/2 player with a hankering for a trip or to retire in the gambling[…]


Tournament Death

In order to complete my turnaround, which involved questioning almost every aspect of my game and life, I carved out three final session this past weekend. I felt responsible, even, having picked my hours and opponents carefully, just when I could be lounging around after weeks of strong play and[…]

Poker Blog Roll, part II

An ongoing review of poker blogs, near and far.5.http://pokermonkeytalk.blogspot.comPosting Frequency: Promises a returnDesign: The long Blogger columnWriting quality: Ramblin’ OnOverall rating: Holiday LetterThis is the guy who got banned from Caesar’s properties and was featured, if I recall correctly, as one of the human interest stories in the TV coverage at[…]


I’ve been busy, and while still on track to get back to 85 hours this month, had missed an entire week of poker. However, last night’s performance was last week’s show all over again, with another solid win that pushed me past my monthly target, despite being in deep to[…]

Performament Patty vs. Mace Daddy

The dust-up between Dr. Patricia Cardner and Mason Malmuth looks dormant. Celebrity skirmishes are usually fun to watch- especially when destiny brings competitors uncomfortably close to reality.  Abe Limon, High Priest of L.A. poker, attempted to act for Fate last month, but even he cannot release the statue’s tears or make[…]

Triggers You are here oop


Limon delivered the goods once again the other night toward the end of his poker call in show.  A player expressed frustration at not being able to capitalize on a games situation very similar to my own, where a limited pool of identified types play in (mostly) easily categorized styles.[…]