Nice Hand

I’m wary of sharing too much non-basic strat in the forums. It’s overkill. First of all, most of these guys don’t really even require it to beat low stakes poker. Second, with all the time I put into finding and creating it, I don’t need to pass it on like some[…]

D’Artagnan Unrereunretires, Possibly

I had earned a break from an intense week, so I met up with d’Artagnan, who had announced his retirement again from poker. Over sloppy “Blackberry” Cider and the embarrassing ballast of chili cheese fries, we talked movies (the place of Vincent Gallo’s Buffalo 66 in American cinema), politics (super delegates,[…]

big o splits

The Big O, Man

The home game has shrunk in numbers. Interest in poker ebbs and flows, so while I have taken this development as a harbinger of something, it was not for the end of the game necessarily.  In fact, the game itself is as good as ever and certainly plays more excitingly[…]


There’s a lot I could say about this hand, too much really, but I am not in the mood for pedantic poker piffle.  Hopefully I can knock this out without trouble.These spots that involve multiple concepts and reward very strong play, from beginning to end, pop up from time to time,[…]

Giant Head howls at the sky

Giant Head’s Laments

“AWISHALLINAPUSHINDA!” Giant Head exclaimed. Since nobody at the table speaks Giant Head as well as I do, I did let loose a short laugh over his brief mistake. He was trying to say Awishallinafoinda, meaning he wanted to go all in or fold, but instead suggested that he wanted to[…]