No One Nose

I can’t say I’m very interested in the Dr. Jacylnn Moskow/Nolan Dalla debacle itself. No one can know exactly what happened in the late night mists of personal ambition and industry politics, never mind under the pressures of the all-encompassing, 24/7 sexual marketplace; leaping to conclusions is a sign of bad[…]

Capped Game Spots, Part II

Differing from the first installment of this slightly dull series of posts, aimed specifically at the die-hards (including myself) and the cubicle grinders who read my pieces on smartphones between hands or on the toilet at work, these spots were part of two adjacent but brutal sessions where very little went my[…]

Capped Game Spots, Part I

Over the course of two consecutive sessions, both entirely profitable and generally satisfactory, I was involved in hands that had me second guessing myself then and now. What makes them worth commenting on is, oddly, even if I was right to act as I did, I’m wishing, in a combination of poker[…]

Poker Butts

I don’t miss the Angry Pineapple. First of all, he hasn’t said a word to nearly anyone but himself over about twenty table hours together. Two, he spent all of his time on his Closed Fist North Korean Crushed Pineapple app or whatever latest variation of competitive Tetris the degens need[…]

poker staredown


I’m back in the ring, my game uneven, my life emptied out.  I feel, contradictorily, both dead to much of the world while pathetically in need of good news. I overcheck my emails, listen for texts, and even wonder if the postal box might have something of interest. As life[…]

Poker Blog Roll, part VIII

While I rouse myself from the doldrums, I will tie up some loose ends. Here’s a review I promised:17. Strazynski appears to be a big fellow with a giant face, giant body, and giant white teeth. He probably wears those stretchy polo shirts because he’d rip a standard dress shirt just living[…]

The Rules of Chip Porn

The public distribution of Chip Pornography is not to be taken lightly. Breaking the basic rules is a big no-no, often involving damage to personal reputation and yielding severe self-esteem consequences. To help out readers of OOP, I will go through some basic Chip Porn Principles today.It must be said first that Chip Porn[…]