Meanwhile, in the Village

Perception is a great theme of poker. Dealing with information. Evaluating actions. Filtering misinformation.Judging your opponents, sometimes at a glance, and sometimes, over years together, like smiling, vicious colleagues who have been stealing each other’s work.Tougher questions, too: range versus perceived range, that great tension of technical poker which can occasionally cause[…]

Interregnum Ignotum

“Tongs,” the meat man commands. “Thank you.”I was unaccustomed to pieces of filet mignon being vertically flayed into my plate from a twenty eight inch harpoon. A little slow as to my part of the performance.“Excuse me.” I flipped the juicy flesh off the skewer onto my plate of cold squash, lightly[…]

2016 Midpoint

I wrote up some plans, goals, and observations in the post-holiday dark.  Then I updated it in March: How was I doing a little past sunrise?Now, a July update: How am I doing (a little past) Midyear?…is the year I read poker books again…. what will Applications change?March: I’m taking it seriously and reading it slowly.[…]

the mistress of hand histories

Hand Histories: Why and How

Hand histories are both overrated and underrated, but if done correctly, can be entirely useful for the writer, reader, and all participants. Critics of hand histories or of poker forums, such as Matt Berkey, and no doubt others, have suggested, correctly, that concepts and questions are more important, but what that side of[…]