Truman Plays Cards


A moving afternoon at the Oregon Historical Society, where the cross pollination of a World War II exhibit and the history of the state itself produced a very convincing portrait of America and American life.  Our history has given so many of us the opportunity for greatness, and the exhibits[…]

the old man angled


I was tricked by an OMC type last night and he possibly saved a couple hundred dollars.  On river of AQJx10, the grumpy old crab, out of position, faked a bet, then checked.  I held three jacks, and checked behind conservatively.I knew he had a pair and a gutter the whole[…]


I finally lost my mind last night.It started (well, it started in June, but that’s another story) when another poor fool shipped his gutter over my flopped straight after I potted the turn leaving no room for me to fold.  He binked the mysterious three outer, the one I blocked,[…]


The other night I heard a faded but distinct second echo of the strategy post where I talked about applying cbetting principles on a board that favors the blinds.    To be frank, when this hand started, I was tilted or more accurately, trying to control my tilt, so I may have been a[…]


I thought of this RC thread when I was put in a tough spot last night.  In that forum hand, an iconic and classic situation, the answer is difficult to understand if you have been programmed into bet/folding as your strategy, but is in fact simple and clear: there are very few hands one[…]



After such a crucial session as my Columbus Day, to go and hang with the clowns at a smaller game full of high hand chasers and bingo card screamers only to get bamboozled is deflating.  In one hand that sums up my day and my second half of 2015 as well, an action[…]


I very recently completed a challenging grind, one that involved many aspects of a poker player’s life.  From the start this was, as far as individual sessions go, to be an important day for me.  Not only had I to climb back from the deficit I owe my bank and[…]


Last year Sugarhouse Casino erected a large white tent to host a full room of poker tables.  The tent is entirely appropriate, because inside it’s a circus.In other words, I had never been more at home!   The Village plays exactly like Sugarhouse.  Seven way pots at 2/5.  Three bet pots[…]


Flubbing Lines

Poker is not a sport, but it is a performance.  I scored very poorly on my prep quiz for last night’s big game, and ended up playing very hesitantly.   I was fatigued and did not trust myself.Should I have gone to play?  Yes.  The lesson is not I have[…]