Delirious Hour

In the beginning, I used a detailed database to chart my opposition’s tendencies.  A spreadsheet, with a name, a quick summary, and then street by street tendencies.  I remember reading that Phil Ivey once kept a notebook of all this thoughts on poker, which he later lost and never bothered to[…]

smurf's revenge

Smurfs’ Revenge

I play unexpectedly in a small game tonight.  I’m just trying to pass the time sleepless and to get something going, maybe take a bite out of the damage inflected yesterday.  Unfortunately, I continue to run badly – I won’t even put this on twitter as I hate whining and[…]


On the night of my return to the local games after nearly three weeks on the road, I look for a soft landing at the Village.  I have not played much poker in months.  My games on the road were mostly short, breezy sessions accomplished as a sampling.  Between travels,[…]

Mendocino coast


This road trip has not turned out to be much about poker, but I have had a chance to determine what might or might not be good for future excursions.The Bear River Hotel and Casino may offer limited action, but it is a beautiful lodge and conveniently located for Redwoods[…]

Empty Set

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I’ve been reading the “Double Barrel Challenge” hand histories with curiosity.There are, on the whole, two things to be learned.  One, aggression rules.  Two, poker players are mostly in the dark about what they are doing.  I suppose these theorems work very, very well for the likes of Ed Milller[…]

Truman Plays Cards


A moving afternoon at the Oregon Historical Society, where the cross pollination of a World War II exhibit and the history of the state itself produced a very convincing portrait of America and American life.  Our history has given so many of us the opportunity for greatness, and the exhibits[…]

the old man angled


I was tricked by an OMC type last night and he possibly saved a couple hundred dollars.  On river of AQJx10, the grumpy old crab, out of position, faked a bet, then checked.  I held three jacks, and checked behind conservatively.I knew he had a pair and a gutter the whole[…]


I finally lost my mind last night.It started (well, it started in June, but that’s another story) when another poor fool shipped his gutter over my flopped straight after I potted the turn leaving no room for me to fold.  He binked the mysterious three outer, the one I blocked,[…]