There’s this moment in a recent Louis CK special where he steps out of his self-abasement and into some very creative sadism.  He’s up on a Sunday morning, looking questionable and sitting outside his own apartment building as if he’s a bum.  When an upright resident is upset by his[…]

Getting Hard

Strategies in cash games are lazily labelled bad and good, but an equally vague label, Hard vs. Soft, is actually a cunning insight because it is simple while still having true descriptive power.A soft strategy is a pot controlling, bluff catching strategy.  It encompasses Small Ball poker.  It involves mixing up[…]

Black Friday

I’m driving home through the dense, tufted fog with a crease so deep in my forehead that it is threatening to dislodge my eyeballs.  After making one mistake all night and nearly bringing home 200 life sustaining bbs, without coolering anyone and playing extremely well, I lose almost all of[…]

Elsewhere St.

One of the most interesting aspects of learning poker from forums is that we are almost always given:A hand historyQuestions about how to get a better resultSometimes we get an answer.  But what we rarely get at is the heart of the matter, which is to say, the problem itself.In[…]

I’ve Had a Few

There were three crucial hands in last night’s session, but I’m going to focus on the final one, because it is the most subtle.  In the first, I lost my nerve after being put into a tough spot right off the bat and took a line that lent me to being[…]


I’m on an old fashioned drinking day (is that a thing?), walking around this indifferent city (it’s not cruel, like Boston, very different concept), scavenging for cocktail ideas, getting some exercise.  I’m also having some amazing toast.  I don’t eat that much bread any more, and I had either forgotten[…]