True Grind

I decide there is no time like the present for reinstating my work ethic, and head to the casino on what would have been an off day in the past. I feel great about my decision to abandon 5/10, and optimistic about where this will lead. I’ve been entitled and[…]

Warm Up

Sometimes I feel like I need a tweak to my game, or perhaps a little extra preparation.  Maybe I don’t even know what it is, but with a bigger game to come, I want a little warm up before the real thing.  With the Coven dispersed and my eyes dry[…]

Eight Bluffs

It’s not all about you.  Poker teaches many lessons, and the reasonable players among us learn that one quickly, go crazy all the time, or quit.  At the games last night, the action was so sweet and heavy I conceived of a chip dispenser that could be installed, like an automatic[…]