When They Adjust

In a recent hand I played at 5/10 I was coolered but learned a valuable lesson.  Against the same villain as in this interesting spot, I three bet a premium over a standard open and a call, and only picked up said villain, the original PFR.  On J73cc, I cbet[…]

2 0 1 6

…is the year I read poker books again…. what will Applications change?…is my first year as a handgun owner… will I actually use it when needed?…is the year I put the screenplay on Blacklist… but is Amazon’s reformed sweatshop the incinerator it belongs in?…is the year I hit the USTA…[…]

Less Known Poker Truths

The player complaining that a table does not have action is never giving any.Show me a thread asking about win rates and I’ll show you the worst thread in that forum.No one who announces they are “priced in” ever knows what the right price for their holding is.A player who[…]

About this Much, Fiddy

Fiddy-dolla-uba-balla takes a break from rakeback grinding and wonders:Can you write a post that discusses the relative value of the fold equity we receive from being an early position opener with a large c-betting range versus the value we receive from having position on our opponents? I think this is an[…]

Staying Hard

Among a mountain of hands to review from this week, including three very poorly played ones from a session where I felt out of sorts and it showed in my handiwork, cuddling my opponents with small ball plays, going Dutch pot control, and caressingly missized raises, this one example illustrates[…]


Banker Error, Collect 200 bbs

As I’ve written before, the august Banker, Prince of the Village, has taken the tack of avoiding confrontations with me.  This was a regrettable development, but who would blame him?  He collects chips like interest from his adoring Smurf clients by just sitting in the games, and his invincible reputation[…]

God’s Work

Women, being at once the ideal and paradoxically the consolation, the raison d’etre and easily forgotten, but in fact more important, raison de mourir, have long been the most natural subject of the Image.  The Image, being so powerful, is forbidden in totalitarian cultures, or even more sickly, replaced entirely[…]