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Bright Days of Vegas, Part VI

Fausto raises. Fausto raises quickly. When he attacks the lead from the small blind, he is acting, in part, out of habit. He has left the sphere of totally deductive play. I can see him taking this action again and again, because he has and he will. The chips distribute themselves slightly sideways after falling […]

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Bright Days of Vegas, Part V

Midway through the week the cheerful Club de Soleil would add an extra guest, one not on ChipXtractor’s official docket. Both taller and bigger than you might suspect from his class-trip-to-AMNH-to-examine-the-lives-of-chips avatar, Fausto Valdez gives the first impression of a young man dressed as a hockey player, an impassioned American Gladiator fan, or a roller hockey villain. […]

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patio table 3

Bright Days of Vegas, Part IV

In some respects being solitary, my lifelong theme, is a luxury. The frustrations of my last relationship had featured highs and lows in Las Vegas, where my natural need to have a woman nearby vexed my horrible independent streak, a trait I am beginning to accept as a curse, and one which makes compromises other people […]

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Meanwhile, in the Village

Perception is a great theme of poker. Dealing with information. Evaluating actions. Filtering misinformation. Judging your opponents, sometimes at a glance, and sometimes, over years together, like smiling, vicious colleagues who have been stealing each other’s work. Tougher questions, too: range versus perceived range, that great tension of technical poker which can occasionally cause tantamount confusion or […]

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Meanwhile, in the Annals of Gambling Justice

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Bright Days of Vegas, Part III

The Golden Nugget is the premier low stakes cash location in Las Vegas. Naturally, I love the Wynn and recommend it. Of course. Who would turn down perfect décor, Fiji water, and the city’s most attractive servers? And the Aria? It’s a beautiful place to play our game. Its comfortable chairs (when you can get […]

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Bright Days of Vegas, Part II

Directly outside the main entrance to the World Series of Poker at the Rio, the smokers are given a little circus tent to parade their disability under, shaded from the sun but not the passer byes. They shuffle and bend and stare. A few heavy duffel bags lay comatose and slack jawed in the brutal […]

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Interregnum Ignotum

“Tongs,” the meat man commands. “Thank you.” I was unaccustomed to pieces of filet mignon being vertically flayed into my plate from a twenty eight inch harpoon. A little slow as to my part of the performance. “Excuse me.” I flipped the juicy flesh off the skewer onto my plate of cold squash, lightly oiled kale, and […]

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Gargamel: Dodging Coolers

New post from Gargamel, where he thinks through seemingly reciprocal spots. – P. Today I’m going to talk about hero folding and being able to put your opponent on a very narrow range of hands or even a single hand. First, what is a cooler?  My definition of a cooler is a hand in which you […]

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Las Vegas from McCarran

Bright Days of Vegas, Part I

It would have been a better choice, to walk toward the Sands Convention Center and then through the Wynn. Instead, I decided to take what looked like a more direct route on Desert Inn to the Encore’s new poker room, promised to be near the entrance of the secondary but still lovely hotel.  Along the […]

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