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Bright Days of Vegas, Part II


Directly outside the main entrance to the World Series of Poker at the Rio, the smokers are given a little circus tent to parade their disability under, shaded from the sun but not the passer byes. They shuffle and bend and stare. A few heavy duffel bags lay comatose and slack jawed in the brutal heat. There are no ashtrays, but the barrels that hold down the poles do have little crevices and nooks where the tobacco remains rest in peace. A lone garbage can loiters by the rough cream wall, next…
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Interregnum Ignotum


“Tongs,” the meat man commands. “Thank you.” I was unaccustomed to pieces of filet mignon being vertically flayed into my plate from a twenty eight inch harpoon. A little slow as to my part of the performance. “Excuse me.” I flipped the juicy flesh off the skewer onto my plate of cold squash, lightly oiled kale, and the sweetest pepper bacon known to man and shuddering beast. “What I want,” said Gargamel, covering his mouth with his hand in a curious habit probably enforced by some girlfriend, “Is an entire brick of…
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Gargamel: Dodging Coolers


New post from Gargamel, where he thinks through seemingly reciprocal spots. – P. Today I’m going to talk about hero folding and being able to put your opponent on a very narrow range of hands or even a single hand. First, what is a cooler?  My definition of a cooler is a hand in which you are unable to reasonably preserve some or all of your stack.  You surely have heard others refer to hands as coolers, but in some spots, they are really only going by absolute (rather than relative)…
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Bright Days of Vegas, Part I

Las Vegas from McCarran

It would have been a better choice, to walk toward the Sands Convention Center and then through the Wynn. Instead, I decided to take what looked like a more direct route on Desert Inn to the Encore’s new poker room, promised to be near the entrance of the secondary but still lovely hotel.  Along the way, guided by grey columns of the monorail, I sought the slim paths of shade offered by motels and discount hovels. It was just after check-out, heat already expanding furiously into the lungs and eyes.…
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2016 Midpoint


I wrote up some plans, goals, and observations in the post-holiday dark.  Then I updated it in March: How was I doing a little past sunrise? Now, a July update: How am I doing (a little past) Midyear? …is the year I read poker books again…. what will Applications change? March: I’m taking it seriously and reading it slowly.  I also inherited some unwanted poker books, one of which will figure into my research in a very timely fashion. July: Got distracted and just finished Ed Miller’s Poker’s 1% instead. It’s a great book and more immediately…
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Hand Histories: Why and How

the mistress

Hand histories are both overrated and underrated, but if done correctly, can be entirely useful for the writer, reader, and all participants. Critics of hand histories or of poker forums, such as Matt Berkey, and no doubt others, have suggested, correctly, that concepts and questions are more important, but what that side of the argument can miss is a deeper truth in their desire to rise above the x’s and o’s: A hand history is never about the hand itself. What hand histories ultimately reveal are what players think about. They are samples, and…
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Gargamel: Still Salty After All These Years

Gargamel bound

Gargamel’s back with an update – P. Last year I had a 22 session winning streak end and this year it was a 22 month winning streak that fell.  The month started out with beats including, but not limited to AQ vs Q2 AIPF, QQQ vs AQ on AQ83 all in on the turn, and AA vs KQo in a 4b pot.  We’re told to embrace variance.  Try being happy with your part-time venture once you’ve hit a 10k downswing.  Running well, or at least neutral, is far more vital…
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Poker Careers, Revisited

Not sure if it was a new article or not, but I saw a Tweet from Red Chip about the Top Poker Careers, and checked it out. The list is no doubt a good one, but here’s a few clarifications from my grubby vantage point in the low stakes: Entrepreneurs: the reason an entrepreneur can be good at poker isn’t only because entrepreneurs are self-starters, ambitious, and will seek to improve as a matter of course. Businessmen often share characteristics with the basic poker phenotype, tending to overvalue their own place…
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No One Nose

motorboating heraldry detail

I can’t say I’m very interested in the Dr. Jacylnn Moskow/Nolan Dalla debacle itself. No one can know exactly what happened in the late night mists of personal ambition and industry politics, never mind under the pressures of the all-encompassing, 24/7 sexual marketplace; leaping to conclusions is a sign of bad faith and partisanship. All the various Special Victims Units of identity groups, down to the Outraged by the Outrage over Outrage Folks (OOOF!), find cause for their resentments in this and every such situation: their transparent motivations almost shame a…
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Capped Game Spots, Part II

spotted cap

Differing from the first installment of this slightly dull series of posts, aimed specifically at the die-hards (including myself) and the cubicle grinders who read my pieces on smartphones between hands or on the toilet at work, these spots were part of two adjacent but brutal sessions where very little went my way in terms of results. What connects these to last time’s crushing sessions is the buy in and betting caps which foreshorten the action, as well as the gameflow adjustments which are at the heart of winning poker in any…
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